The most shocking aspect of the whole Israeli/Arab conflict is what has happened in Gaza. Avi Shlaim remarks: ‘Israel’s entire record is one of unbridled and unremitting brutality towards the inhabitants of Gaza.’ In the face of the Israeli blockade, the international community remains dilatory, passing resolutions, but then doing nothing. (See the NGO statement ‘Failing Gaza’.) Meanwhile Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli attack on Gaza in Dec. 2008, alerted many to what is afoot and led to a massive increase in the calls for BDS.

There are three pages in this section of the site, which consider respectively:

  1. Gaza; this page contains photos that some may find disturbing.

  2. Hamas

  3. The Goldstone Report

Maan Images; Ma’an News Agency 24.01.10.

An elderly Gazan holds up her finger (with indelible ink) to show that she has cast her vote.

Jan. 2006.


1991 Israel opens first checkpoint on Gaza border.

2000 (Sept) 2nd Intifada. Permits to cross restricted to ‘humanitarian’ cases only.

2005 (Aug). Israel ‘disengages’, withdrawing Israeli settlers, but retains control over land and sea borders, territorial waters and airspace. Retains ultimate control over Rafah crossing with Egypt.

2006 (Jan.) Hamas wins PA elections. The international community imposes embargo on PA, suspending development projects in West Bank and Gaza.

2007 (June) Hamas takes control in Gaza. Israeli blockade begins. Egypt puts restrictions on Rafah crossing. By Oct. 08 only one third of aid trucks/imports entering as compared with May 07.

2008 (27 Dec.) Israel launches Operation ‘Cast Lead’.

2009 (08 Jan.) UN Security Council passes Resolution 1860 (sponsored by the UK, the US abstaining) calls for immediate ceasefire and, further, for a reopening of crossing points.

2009 (15 Sept.) Goldstone Report published

2010 (Jan.) Third Viva Palestina convoy finally enters Gaza.

2010 (May) Flotilla of ships carrying activists taking humanitarian aid to Gaza is attacked by Israel, living 9 dead and many wounded.

2010 (October) Fourth Viva Palestina convoy arrives in Gaza.  

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Free Gaza Campaign

The ship Dignity, running the gauntlet of the blockade and taking medical supplies to Gaza, early Dec. 2008. The ship brought out trapped Gazans who had been offered places to study abroad. On a subsequent trip on 29 Dec. taking medical supplies and 3 surgeons to Gaza it was rammed 3 times by Israeli warships and prevented from getting through.